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PayPal integration refers to the process of connecting a website or application with PayPal, allowing customers to make payments through the PayPal platform. This can be done through various PayPal APIs and SDKs, such as the PayPal Checkout API or the PayPal REST API. Integration typically involves creating a PayPal account, obtaining API credentials, and implementing the appropriate code to handle transactions and communicate with the PayPal servers. Additionally, it will include the process of testing and deploying the integration on a live website or application.


Stripe is a payment processing platform that allows businesses to accept and process payments online. Integrating Stripe into a website or application typically involves adding Stripe’s API (Application Programming Interface) to the code, which allows for secure communication between the website or application and Stripe’s servers. This can be done using Stripe’s libraries and SDKs for various programming languages, such as JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. The integration process may also involve creating and configuring a Stripe account, setting up webhooks and payment forms, and testing the integration.